Next International #GrenacheDay

, the GLOBAL grape

Come celebrate with us on September, 21st 2012 by popping some corks on great Grenache wines, wherever you are. It’s the most widely planted red grape in the world and responsible for the velvety, voluptuous mouthfeel that people love in wine; but it rarely gets the credit it deserves because it’s often used in blends. It’s time to change all that! Grenache enthusiasts are connecting all over the world and coming together to celebrate this groovy grape.

If you are not familiar with the grape, #GrenacheDay is the perfect opportunity to learn something new and have some fun. Go to your local pub or restaurant with friends and try some, or visit your wine shop and open a few bottles. Check the places where you can enjoy Grenache wines on the Google map.

The 2012 International #GrenacheDay Map:

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